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Topic Title: Plenary: Innovation and Nonprofits
Description: Innovation is today's buzzword for a reason. The need to find new ideas and ways of working is key to success in our complicated, fast-paced world. Innovation is vital for nonprofits to solve wicked problems. Organizations that use innovation to fuel their missions are leading the pack in the quest for funding and other resources. Some nonprofits claim to be innovative, but fail to do it well. Some have cultures that simply can't embrace the risk-taking that’s needed to lead to innovation. Still others are clueless about where to begin. Experts in innovation in the nonprofit sector will discuss why innovation is important, share some examples, and ways that more nonprofits can embrace innovation.
Speakers: Laura Andreessen
Meg Garlinghouse
Beth Kanter
Brian Reich
George Weiner
Date: April 05, 2012
Location: Grand Ballroom